Day 5: Strokes

My brain thinks faster than my hands can follow. At least that has been my justification for my bad hand writing for a while.

I already decided to write slow and with more intent, but it just didn’t feel right no matter how hard I tried. Solution is to get the basics right. With each single stroke.

When we learned how to write, we were learning the letters of the alphabet. Learning how to write neatly came much later. I remember the hours and days of summer vacation I lost to cursive handwriting. Now I must do the same, but for blackletters.

To excel at Blackletters aka Gothic style, I need to be better at the basic strokes that form the basis of each letter. I found the right set of instructions, but even following this has been an uphill struggle.

Consistency has been elusive, but I don’t plan to give in as yet.